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The most authentic and effective marketing strategies and why

Why testimonials are so important

There is no question, client testimonials are one of the most important content pieces to help others learn about your products and services. They highlight the positive experiences of your existing customers while also providing insight prospective customer searching online before purchasing a product or service. 

What if you have a product or service that hasn't launched yet? Don't worry we have your covered, it's our speciality! You provide the product, we'll do the rest. Schedule a call and we'll go over our unique and very simple process with you. 

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video testimonials

"HSP made everything so simple for me to finally launch my products with video testimonials!"

~Mary L.


User generated content is one of the most effective methods of getting eyes on your brand authentically and in a way potential consumers can relate. We specialize in pairing you with the right talent that is in alignment with your brand for a UGC experience unlike any other company. 

We can also help you with influencer content through reputable talent that will help your target demographic get eyes on your brand. 

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"I tried finding influencers myself, but I was choosing influencers with the most followers and not the types that were right for my brand. I wish I knew about HSP sooner, I could have saved a lot of money."

~Theresa K.

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